Courtesy of waiters

Working in a restaurant can be a stressful job, but it can also be very profitable and enjoyable experience if you approach it the right way and develop appropriate skills. If you are kind, reliable, and a capable multitasker, serving food in a restaurant can be a long-term profitable endeavour. People who visit certain restaurants […]

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From December 13th, 2014 the Work Health and Safety Regulation 11691-2011 went into effect on consumer information, regarding allergens contained in food. The Regulation applies to caffes, canteens, restaurants, hotels, shops and all institutions offering pre-packaged or processed products. They are required to provide a system that would inform its customers about potential allergens in […]

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We recommend DaShef recommendations

After the interior, décor and the impression the waiter makes when approaching the table, the impression is completed once the guest takes the menu. Restaurant menus can be true works of art, carved, wooden covers, leather, golden print, pages make of expensive paper, abundance of pictures, calligraphy… All of the above says a lot about […]

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Savings à la carte

Menus, wine charts, price lists, daily menus and dessert menus printed out on rice paper, bound in leather with gold letters, or those printed out by a regular printer and put in plastic envelopes – they are responsible for the first impression. A nice looking, elegant menu, from which you can order everything, equipped with […]

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From tablet, to food on the table…

Since Martina described in detail how we started and what makes us different from others, my task is to write a few lines about technology hiding behind the shiny screen, transforming customers’ wishes into delicious food and refreshing beverages. As we are a young technological company, our mission is to bring the technology closer to […]

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