VIP Restaurant

We visited our first Zagreb client, VIP restaurant, and were warmly welcomed. Because of its interesting position in centre of Zagreb, the restaurant is a target of various domestic and foreign passersby. It’s frequented by many public figures from different social spheres. But with a rich selection of dishes, it finds a way to satisfy everybody’s taste. Guests are able to choose between local cuisine, Italian cuisine, fish dishes, salads and many other things. In order to maintain a high level of food preparation, the food is prepared by several professional chefs, where each of them is specialized in a particular type of food. We were especially intrigued by the way of preparing dough in which it is not cooked, but placed raw in a hot sauce and served. Beside of a various types of dough, there are also grilled octopus, Štrukli (a Croatian specialty), VIP salad, veal soup, Zagorska soup, tuna steak, souffle… It was a hard choice. But on the recommendation of the Head of the restaurant, we tried the specialty of the day, veal soup and pancakes with ice-cream in a sauce of sour cherries. Excellent choice!

Restoran VIP - desert and daShef

The restaurant organizes various events for people of different age and different tastes. Taking care of the guests and their needs is an important element of this restaurant business. Therefore, each guest can feel welcome and respected.

Besides the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant, we have noticed many details, such as fishing nets on the walls, some wooden elements, piano and painted walls. And there is also a friendly, cheerful staff, who were kind enough to pose for us.

Restoran VIP - staff

The restaurant went a step further and is the first in the city of Zagreb that introduced daShef digital menus on tablets. From now on, the offer of restaurants is presented with detailed descriptions and authentic photographs, so you can enjoy in a completely new experience of choosing dishes. Because of the good response to digital menus, the plan of the restaurant is to increase their number. Tourists are especially enthusiastic about digital menus because they can see the offer of the restaurant in their own language. Simple interface, image content and detailed information provided by digital menus, have delighted the numerous guests.

VIP - guests

So take a step in the VIP restaurant, take a tablet in your hand, find the dish that best suits your taste and enjoy.

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