The special offer: from day to day

Real chefs (not the digital one), will stop by a market on their way to work, pick best things offered, and base the daily specials on the seasonal ingredients. But how will they share the excitement with us, the fine food lovers? With the “technology” we knew so far, they couldn’t. The best they could have done was to just write it on the restaurant’s board in chalk. In other words, if you come by the restaurant on that day, you might have the chance to taste what the inspired chefs created with the ingredients they “caught”. Will they be able to share the pride with you is hiding in the domain of ‘possibly’. Too bad…

Luckily, this is where the newest technology comes in. The technology of yesterday, could have helped just a little. You could have printed out the name of a special meal on a piece of paper and put it in the menu. But the black letters on white paper are simply insufficient, as they cannot transfer the chef’s thrill about the asparagus he discovered on the market that day, becoming his inspiration for the meal. Those few letters cannot tell the guest why the chef picked fresh gilt-head bream instead of the European seabass that looked a touch tired. But, the picture can! A picture can, quite precisely, tell the guest why this very ingredient was chosen, and what the result of the chef’s inspiration looks like. (Your photographer, unlike the chef, is not inspired today? Shh! We won’t tell anyone that the photo of the strawberries is from last season).


The point is: it all comes for free. Yes, you could have taken a photo of a meal with the yesterday’s technology, then print it out and show it to the guests, but you would never consider something that eccentric for a few simple reasons: you have to pay for it, it takes a while and isn’t elegant. But if you have the digital menu… the process of washing lettuce lasts longer than this. You take a photo, transfer it to DaShef and write the description. The last task will be simple, as the scent and the looks of the photographed subject will inspire you, and if it doesn’t, you will surely be “infected” by the chef’s enthusiasm. If nothing works, we won’t tell anyone that you used a ready made text!

With just a little inspiration, the story about the daily special can begin like this. For instance, you can spice up four seasonal offers with health benefits of the chosen ingredients: we all know that the healthiest nutrition is the nutrition based on fresh, local, seasonal ingredients – but in this case you can say in what ways the tasty daily special will benefit one’s health. You can also add a few numbers, or a graph.

Naturally, the whole concept can be applied for more than just seasonal dishes that last a day or two. It can be applied to everything and anything. It doesn’t even have to be food. You can add a bottle of wine which has just arrived in your special offer. You can turn the entire concept upside down, and instead of writing about the fresh ingredients you have, you can write about the ones you want to use, as their shelf life is coming to an end. The possibility to easily change the menu, the wine chart and all the details can also be applied on fine settings: your customers will never order one thing and get something different, just because the chef altered the recipe in the meantime or because he couldn’t find rosemary that morning, so he used thyme instead… And of course, your customers will never be bored with the digital menu, because they will discover something new every time.

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