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After the interior, décor and the impression the waiter makes when approaching the table, the impression is completed once the guest takes the menu. Restaurant menus can be true works of art, carved, wooden covers, leather, golden print, pages make of expensive paper, abundance of pictures, calligraphy… All of the above says a lot about the restaurant, and one would think that it doesn’t get better than that. However, every restaurant owner is aware of all the things these menus lack. If we put the costs of making the menus aside, their biggest flaw is the fact that one has to employ at least five people if there are any changes or updates needed. Apart from that, this is also time consuming. Alas, one cannot avoid to printing the daily offer on a separate piece of paper, and the waiter has to tell guests if some dish is not included in the offer at the time.

When it comes to recommendations, the things can get additionally complicated. Say that with the red scorpionfish you want to serve dry white Pinot. Put that in your expensive menu, and you leave no choice for your guests, but you leave no choice for yourself either. What if the next week you talk to your favorite wine deliverer and decide to buy a limited quantity of Sylvaner? This wine also goes well with grilled scorpionfish, and there you have a problem. The solution is quite simple: you just have to stop believing that a leather menu makes the best impression.

DaShef digital menu will not only make a great first impression, it will also prove that it can get better than that! In a blink of an eye, you can recommend the Sylvaner with the scorpionfish, and as soon as you run out of it, you can switch to some other type of wine. In DaShef digital menu, you can change your recommendation when it comes to a bottle of wine, but you can change many other items. You have to recommend the salads, dips, side dishes, desserts…

DaShef recommendations can be of great help to the chef. Through them, the chefs can give their recommendation for fusions of food and drinks. Inspired by chef’s recommendation, through the option recommendation in DaShef digital menu, the guests will gladly order dishes they didn’t intend to order in the first place, they will add a salad to their order, or choose the white wine which is recommended. The numerous advantages of DaShef digital menu will immediately be spotted by those who need to use large quantities of fresh ingredients, or a dish that could be left. With a smart recommendation, everything will be used, and an extra serving will be ordered.

Restaurants often take part in various manifestations, such as ‘Restaurant day’, ‘Gastro week’, ‘Fish and shells week’, and so on. For these occasions, DaShef recommendations will, with surgical precision, manage the supplies. If you realize you’re running out of fish, quickly recommend shells, adding a good wine to the recommendation. Your guests will quickly start going in your direction, and you will avoid the situations where you run out of something or you have too much of something else.

DaShef digital menu is totally worth the money, especially when you use all of its functions. This is why we sincerely recommend DaShef.

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