1. Do I pay the licences monthly, yearly or per usage?
Payment is conducted monthly. And for digital menu app you pay monthly but per usage. For example: You have 30 daShef digital menu licences for your restaurant but this month you used only 25 of them so that’s the number you will be charged for

2. What type of an IT equipment do I need for usage of your software(s)?
For the usage of our software(s), you will need a tablet and/or a smartphone. Our daShef digital menu app is created for tablets, whilst daShef Guest app is created for guests to use them on their personal smartphones. daShef Waiter app is designed for your waiters who will use it on smartphones for taking orders.

3. How many licences do I need?

daShef digital menu

The number of licences depends on the needs of your business. If you have a higher guest income, then it is recommended to have more licences. One licence is connected to one tablet. Our recommendation is at least two tablets per table.

daShef Guest

Since the purchase of the licence for this app allows the visibility of your restaurant on daShef Guest app, only one licence per restaurant is needed. Your guests download this app on their personal smartphones.

daShef Waiter

This app is reserved for your waiters so it is recommended that you have at least one licence per waiter in a shift, if not for each waiter of your restaurant separately.

4. Which materials do I need for the setup of my daShef digital menu?
Our digital menu app enables various input possibilities such as descriptions of food and beverages, photographs, videos, recommendations of food and beverages, nutritional values and calories display, allergens and types of diets display.. The more of the information, the better digital experience for your guests. By presenting full information, you will make it easier for your guests to decide on their order.

5. Can I setup/edit the digital menu on my own?
Yes, the menu is completely self-managed. After we create the account for you, you can manage everything else on your own. And if you’ll need help, we are here for you 🙂

6. Does daShef digital menu support different languages?
Yes, of course. We are already multilingual but if your desired language is not yet on the list, we will make sure it gets there!

7. Can guests order using daShef digital menu?
Sure they can. You can choose if you will use the digital menu just for presentation or if you will allow your guests to order from it as well. You can also connect it with your POS system so that way your waiters will be able to print out the bills as well.

8. Can guests order using daShef Guest app?
Yes, same as daShef digital menu, you can use daShef Guest app only in a presentation mode or you can allow ordering as well.

9. Can I connect daShef digital menu with our existing POS system?
Yes, it is possible to connect the app with your POS. In that case we will handle all the technical details with your POS vendor.

Enjoy your daShef digital experience!