We present you the daShef Room Service!

We booked the beginning of 2017 for the launch of one novelty that came out of our dream factory! We couldn’t wait for it to be ready so we could show it to you because we’re certain that both you and your guests will love it. With this product our daShef family has grown even larger and while until now it mostly took care of catering business owners, with the Room Service app it will put smiles on the faces of hotel business owners as well 🙂


The entire offer on your guest’s night stand

Room Service is a specific form of the daShef digital menu, customized for the accommodation  sector. Whether you’re in the hotel business, seasonal rental business or maybe a camp owner, daShef Room Service can adorn your accommodations interior. With the help of this app, you can present your entire accommodation offer on a tablet that will wait for your guests in their rooms, or your receptionist can hand it over during the check-in. Of course, the Room Service digital menu can be set in the lobby or maybe a spa center, so you can announce your whole offer to your guests and clients.
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Visualization before reservation!

Room Service enables you to use attractive photographs, video materials and descriptions to present not only your entire offer, but also a lot of useful information. Besides your regular in-room dining offer that will secure your guests breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Room Service app gives you the opportunity to present other hotel services as well. That way your guests can see all those fabulous spa treatments you’re offering and make a reservation while already relaxing in the comfort of their rooms. You can offer them transport services, extra towels or maybe dog walking services. While your guest is relaxing at a spa treatment, his best friend will be taken care of. Tempting, right?
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Faster information

No one is happy if they catch a cold or maybe get a toothache while on holiday but we need to be ready for such situations as well. If you’re in a foreign city or, even better, in a foreign country, getting the information on which physician is on call can be difficult. The daShef Room Service app is a place where you can secure important information for your guests. That way they can quickly find the important numbers if they need them. This will make your guests even more safe and satisfied while staying at your accommodation. A great review is guaranteed 🙂
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Just a few clicks to a tourist trip and extra income

If you’re offering bike rental services, organized touristic activities, various sightseeing trips, show them to your guests via the Room Service app. That way they can think about your offer and plan their activities while resting in their rooms. Describe the itinerary, show them beautiful photographs and encourage them to make reservations. If you don’t offer such services, you can make a deal with one of the local tourist services providers, to whom you can offer advertising services or with whom you can make a sponsorship deal. They can advertise their offer via your Room Service menu, which can bring you extra income per each reservation your guest makes. You can also arrange for your sponsor to pay out your monthly rental of the daShef Room Service app. Convenient, isn’t it?
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These are just some of the ways you can use the daShef Room Service app, but the possibilities are various. Contact us for more information about the product, we will gladly help you with the ideas on its implementation into your accommodation facilities!

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