We present our clients: Restaurant Santa Maria

There is an increasing demand in recent years for international cuisine, especially Oriental, Italian and Mexican. Wanting to try new flavors, unusual combinations of foods and foods that are not typical for our country, people are increasingly choosing restaurants that would enable them new experiences and implement them through the exciting world of world cousine.

One such restaurant is situated in the picturesque town of Varaždin. Only a look at the restaurant provokes a desire to set foot in it, and if you do, you will want to do it again and again. The friendly staff, interesting and unusual decoration, a rich and varied food, affordable prices and innovative menus are reason enough to say ‘yes’ to this restaurant. How restaurateurs focus on the wishes and needs of customers, it can be seen in the sizable menu, which offers a variety of snacks, Mexican food, Indian, grilled meats, pasta, fish, healthy foods, sweets, more than 70 types of pizza and a kids menu, so that no one would leave wanting. There is something for everyone, regardless if you are a fan of fast food or care for a healthy life, if you enjoy traditional dishes or are an adventurer, hungry for new experiences. There are dozen of waiters working in the restaurant who will serve you as soon as possible and assist you with choosing the dishes that best suit your needs and tastes, all prepared by a skilled, experienced chef.

Restoran Santa Maria - detalj

The restaurant also sports digital menus, which offer thorough description of dishes alongside with pictures and guest reviews to help you find the perfect dish to satisfy your taste buds. Digital menus are just a part of an engrossing amount of details offered by this restaurant. With decoration that will absolutely delight you with its vibrant colors and tones, and numerous, unusual trinkets that stick to your eye, the restaurant exudes positivity and provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere. If you’re visiting with your young ones, don’t worry about them pulling your sleeve to go home because the restaurant is in the midst of opening a children’s playground. You are sure to feel welcomed, and will leave with full stomach and a smile on your face, wanting to come back as soon as possible.

Which restaurant are we talking about? Restaurant ‘Santa Maria’, which in 2003 started as a catering service and a year later became a well-attended and praised establishment that has not ceased to develop. In twelve years since opening, the restaurant has regularly won medals in competing in various competitions, and in 2005 won the first place at the prestige Pizza Show, held in Zagreb. Restaurant works diligently to maintain a high level of interest from their guests by constantly following market trends. Since last year, the restaurant spread its business and moved to a different, larger, nearby location, soon planning to open another floor for visitors. Whether you live in Varaždin, or just passing through and looking for a restaurant where you can relax with your family and friends, get away from the everyday worries and, above all, eat nice, take a look at the ‘Santa Maria’, enrich your experience of Varaždin in a completely new way.

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